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"Our mission is to create maximum investment value for our client partners and to provide personal and professional growth opportunities for our associates."
Our primary guiding principle is personal and professional integrity. It is the standard by which we make our decisions and measure our actions, as well as the value that we most strive to practice in our business relationships.

"My experience with Jerry Anthony and his team has been among the very best… their team thinks like an owner, understanding the importance of challenging times and the need to enhance asset values and profitability while controlling costs."

Thomas J. Golden
Finova Capital




About Our Hotel Management Company



The Experienced Choice Among Hotel Management Companies…

The Triune Hospitality Group, a division of The Triune Organization has managed over 100 hospitality properties from small motels to resorts and luxury hotels complete with gourmet dining and conference centers.  Our knowledge of hotel franchise requirements, coupled with years of franchise operating experience enables our management teams to plan quickly and effectively.  Additionally, we have applied our management and operational talents to over 20 multi-family residential properties from coast to coast.  This foundation allows The Triune Hospitality Group to establish an organizational structure that operates smoothly, efficiently and as economically profitable as possible.

Systems and Technology.  Current management and technology systems are vital in any properties’ operations.  Our in-house staff and Associate Consultants are constantly reviewing new systems and technologies for use in the properties we manage.  Reports generated from reviews prove invaluable in assessing the progress and profitability of a property.  With the ever changing economy and global circumstances, it is critical to have sales and accounting reports promptly so that management will be up to date with information affecting the property and to make adjustments as necessary.

Staffing.  When staffing a new or existing property, we look for leaders who are genuinely interested in being part of the team, not just looking for a job.  Our management teams take a “hands-on” approach and work directly with the staff at each property.  We are always available for consultations and to meet with our staff and investors.

Fiscal Controls.  A vitally important aspect of operations and management is to maintain strict controls in all departments of the property.  We do this with an initial review of all purchasing requirements and procedures to lower costs where feasible.  All department managers are held to rigid financial and operational controls.  The Triune Hospitality Group’s strategy is to improve each property’s bottom line by implementing tight cost controls and aggressive sales and marketing techniques. 

The Right Choice Among Restaurant Management Consultants

 Many hotel buyers and owners are fearful of properties with Food and Beverage departments or at best, they dislike Food and Beverage management.  This is a poor platform on which to create Food and Beverage profit centers. 

The Exceptional Choice Among Food & Beverage Consultants

At Triune Hospitality Group we enjoy creating and managing Food and Beverage operations and our management team is skilled in every facet of this highly specialized element of a hotel’s operation.  An exceptional Food and Beverage operation, including meeting space and conference facilities should be a major attraction that draws both hotel guests and local customers to the property.  A comprehensive demographic market analysis is performed to determine who the existing customers are; the quantity and profile of customers that are available to the subject hotel; the existing competition in the hotel’s market; and most importantly, what menu items should be offered to attract customers. 

Our design consultants will evaluate the décor of the Food and Beverage facilities and if necessary, suggest design changes that will enhance the ambiance of restaurant and lounge facilities.  We will design a menu that is innovative, attractive and geared toward the market that the property desires to attract.  Triune Hospitality Group will work with the Food and Beverage staff to implement strict inventory controls, enabling the Food and Beverage departments to generate the maximum available profit.


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